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It's About Time You Came to See Us

We've been waiting for you!

Come on in, have a seat, and tell us all about us, we understand. Coming into a beauty regime (for the first or hundredth time) can feel both frustrating and overwhelming, especially if you are "entering the game" at a later time in life than the stereotypical age of 16. 

Back in the day, the emphasis on makeup wasn't heavily focused on "highlighting and contouring" or "getting your face beat" for everyday or creative use. Trying to keep up with the trends feels daunting and quite frankly, we just don't need another "beauty standard" to live up to in order to feel validated about our appearance...

Yet, we desire to simply "feel good" about our outer representation, too...and we're here to tell you that it's OK- whatever or however you wish to do it. Although makeup isn't mandatory (or necessary) to achieve the feeling of beauty affirmation, many people love to use it as a tool of self expression and self care. There is nothing wrong with that.

When the application of skincare and makeup cosmetics is properly matched and applied well, it's trans-formative power feels like no other. It feels like a luxurious experience that every person who desires to add a "lil' powder and paint" gets to have as often as they choose.

After all, have you seen the YouTube videos and social media posts from beauty enthusiasts? They are having the time of their lives with cosmetics...dancin' and lip-synchin' in the clips and ery'thing. It's fun to play!

If you are looking for your "in" into this wonderful world of beauty and well-being products, then you came to the right "home". Candied Y.A.M.S. Makeup Artistry welcomes you with open arms into our community of learning, teaching, discussing, and advising the skincare and makeup side of beauty.

Get ready to explore, experiment, and discover how cosmetics and well-being products best serve you in makeup artistry and self-care. 

Not sure how to begin your skincare and makeup regime? Uncertain of what products to buy that best suits your beauty needs and budget? Looking for new-to-you info on cosmetics from an industry pro that you can "take home"?  

Your search ends here! At Candied Y.A.M.S. Makeup Artistry, we've created an online playground where clients and aspiring makeup artists can learn about beauty products... from topical to "ingest-able" and how to select and use the right ones for them and/or their clients.

Take the tour about our site by checking out our blog posts and online services!

"Meet" our esteemed beauty educator, blogger, and adviser, Neci D, the "face" behind our brand.

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