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5 Habits to Create that Will Make You Fall in LOVE with Your Skin Again

If you're like me, you probably have a love-hate relationship with your skin. Sometimes it may look and feel like the naturally radiant flawlessness you want it to be and sometimes it looks and feels like something the cat dragged in.

As seasons change, hormones play games, life "happens", and we overindulge in too many "not so great for us" delicacies, (in my 'realness', I can admit to too much junk/fast food! LOL!)... it's easy to fall out of love with your largest, most vulnerable organ. So, how do you rekindle the magic so that you can maintain your most youthful and marvelous skin? Here's 5 of my tips:

1. Change your thoughts about your skin.

The battle(s) we have with our skin starts in our minds with our thoughts. From our care practices (or lack thereof) to our tone. How we describe it is how we see it...and ultimately, how we feel about it.

How we feel about it is how we speak to or express it. So, if you get a breakout and it frustrates you, you might say it's "disgusting" or "ugly" because that's how you may be feeling about yourself in the moment.

It's easy to put yourself down when there's a painful, obvious blemish on your face that seems to be "ruining" your "image". The good news is, there are amazing products and best practices out there that can restore balance to your complexion.

If you worry about fine lines forming around your eyes (because you spent the better part of your teen years stretching your eye 2 inches away from it's base so you could draw on eyeliner), then you might say you look "old". Subconsciously, this thought can be associated with death/or a thought of feeling close to it.

For some people, they may tie a loss of sex appeal, and many want to feel like they've "still got it". Did you know that no changes in your skin contribute to or defines your worthiness? In those times of question, try adjusting your thoughts to what is good and true about your precious skin. It is protecting you. It is working for you. It's fighting for you. Like a plant, if you nurture it with proper care, it will glow for you.

2. Pamper yourself sometimes.

Get out of the house every once in a while and seek professional help (within safety guidelines of course). A good massage or facial can go a long way for getting that "old thing back" with your skin.

A medical spa, cosmetics/retail counter, or a DIY in-home "spa day with the girls" (or solo in this COVID climate) not only gives you a break from the day to day routine, but it's also relaxing and breathes new life into your skin.

The bonus (if you opt-in to indulge in a spa setting) is that you can also gain expert advice from a licensed professional on how you can maintain the glow yourself and best practices to prevent future setbacks.

Concerned about catching 'Rona? Then, make it a date at home with just you, yourself, and you or party it up virtually with a few of your best friends and share stories over masks, steam pots, and plenty of water. Cheers to your rest & relaxation!

3. Practice "de-stressing".

Wherever possible, reduce as much stress as you can. I know what you're thinking: "Neci, how am I going to reduce stress when I'm too busy trying to pay my bills, take care of my family, keep my head above water, etc...?"

I know it's hard to do. I live it every day...I mean...Every. Single., I get it. The fact remains that stress not only causes you internal ailments, but whatever goes on inside of you does show up on the outside.

That includes stress on your skin.

It may show up as breakouts, flare ups, etc... So, take some of that time you do get to yourself-even if it's 5 minutes- to decompress.

If you like eucalyptus, try hanging some in the shower and let the steam create an oasis for you. You can also opt for a cool-vapor diffuser and use aromatherapy oils to whisk you away. Then, there's good old, fashioned sleep, which has been proven time and again how beneficial it is to your overall well-being.

Make sure you are getting a proper amount of the best possible quality. If you struggle with that because of all of your responsibilities, then look deeper than the surface. You may actually need to clear some things off of your plate by identifying what is "too much" for you to handle (that you absolutely don't have to) and letting it go. You will be amazed how changes like those can affect your skin...and quality of life!

4. Expand your palette.

Most of us have staple foods we absolutely love, whether it's through our cultural upbringing or childhood classics. Some of us get stuck there without recognizing how our bodies change over time and can longer process some of those foods.

For example, I used to eat a prepackaged Honey Bun every single day when I was in middle school. I loved them! Then, one day I went to eat one and the jelly-textured icing in the middle felt completely gross in my mouth and I couldn't finish any of it.

To look at any other honey bun that was made like that became a "forever turn off". As an adult, I realize my body simply communicated that it had it's fill of that particular "junk". I moved on to other snack options and haven't looked back since.

The more I started to care about how I feel (from an energy standpoint), the more I accepted healthier food options as the best choices to give my body what it needs to operate. Making healthier foods choices not only fuels your body with nourishment it recognizes, but it also gives your skin that amazing healthy glow most of us crave. Ever tried a fresh dragon-fruit, ugli fruit, or jackfruit? Sure these are "trendy", vegan fruits and they don't all taste as amazing as they look on their own, but that shouldn't stop you from trying as many options as possible.

If you have a tendency to be prone to food allergies, then do your research on the ones that peak your interest before trying them. If you don't prefer the upkeep of certain kinds of foods like fruits and veggies (which tend to go bad within a week), then look for them in mix-in powder form to enhance your smoothies, boost your juices, or sprinkle over your salads.

*Heart & Body Naturals (HBN) offers four different options of superfood powders to do the job. You can check them out [here] or you can have us make personalized recommendations for you through our Well-Being Matchmaking Experience. [click here] Either way, you'll be glad you did.

*Disclaimer: Any decisions you make about your food or supplement choices should be made with the one-on-one help of a qualified healthcare provider. If you have a medical condition, see your physician of choice before starting this program. (See full disclaimer on the HBN website provided in the link.

5. Try new products.

Sometimes your skin gets used to the products you've been using, so it becomes a bit "immune" to the treatments. There are so many new, innovative skincare products on the market that have been scientifically proven to deliver specific results for specific concerns. If you are looking for remedies that address hyper-pigmentation, you can find a treatment such as a serum that targets that concern.

As most skincare products, consistency is of the utmost importance when using new products. Depending on your age and health of your skin, some people will experience faster results than others. Remember that patience is a virtue and you will thank yourself while your skin thanks you, too.

What habits do you practice during those times when it feels like your "skin luv" is losing it's luster? What advice would you offer a friend struggling with feeling fresh-faced and "fancy free" in their routine? Let us know in the comments.

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-Neci D.,

Owner/MU @Candied YAMS Makeup Artistry


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