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Beauty Tools You Should Use (or At Least Try)

How many tools do you use in your daily beauty routine?

Getting the best results for your look not only takes having the right skincare routine and product selection, but also the right tools. If you're a tool junkie like me, then you may already own more than your "fair share" of them! Actually using some of the tools can sometimes feel tedious or time consuming, especially when we're in a hurry. The truth is, depending on your experience and skillset using tools can actually save you time, money, and get you a little closer to achieving the "5 minute face".

Here's a few I recommend you try out, if you haven't already:

I "dub" it... The "Perfect" Face Cleaner

Tool: Foreo (brand), LUNA 2 for Sensitive Skin

What is it? A waterproof, double-sided face cleaning tool made of anti-microbial/antibacterial silicone. It uses sonic vibrations (up to 8,000 transdermal) to deep clean pores as well massage fine lines and wrinkles with lower frequency pulsations.

Why should you try it? This tool will allow your skin care products (cleanser/treatments/moisturizers) to absorb more deeply into your skin so you can better flaunt your natural radiance...with or without makeup!

How to use it? Twice daily. Wet it. Apply your favorite foam, cream, or gel cleanser to the silicone side.*Avoid any grainy, exfoliating, clay based, and silicone based cleansers. Gently massage over the surface of your face for 2 minutes, avoiding the eye area. It automatically shuts off when the job's done!

Other cool facts:

- You only have to charge it twice a year. No brush heads to replace!

- The company makes them in multiple sizes, including a travel version!

- Each color is designed for a specific skin type/concern. Ex: the lilac colored one is for those with sensitive skin.

*Remember: The better prepared your skin is, the more flawless your makeup application!

I "dub" them...The "Multitaskers"

Tool(s): Becca Cosmetics "The One" Brush or

Crown Brush Geisha Black Beauty Blender Brush
Disclaimer: I'm writing from the experience of having and using the Becca "The One" brush only, but seriously...#IssaDupe
What is it? (The Becca "The One" brush) A multitasking makeup application tool made of both natural and synthetic fibers (60 % goat hair/40% synthetic). Its blunt cut surface allows for both precision and easy blending of products.
Why should you try it? It's designed to replace up to 10 of your other tools, including your eye makeup brushes and your Beauty Blender! You can literally do your entire makeup application without having to stop, clean, and/or switch your tools! I've played with it several times demoing on clients as well as myself and I must say, it can do the "impossible" for a girl on the go.
How to use it? Using your favorite palette, or if you're like me and prefer the back of your hand, simply use this tool to apply and blend products in the following ways:
- the corners for the small areas (under eyes, eyelids)
- the sides for precision (highlighting/contouring/bronzing)
- the surface for foundation (tap/buff/press/sweep) your favorite liquid/cream/powder product
Tip: Get creative with it and challenge yourself to apply each type of makeup product you can with it to complete a full face application!
Tool: Beauty Blender (brand)
I know...I KNOW... in 2018, who doesn't own (or at least tried) one of these by now?
Believe it or not, there are still a few makeup wearing people that have not tried this tool yet...for various reasons. The main one being because of the dupes. There are MANY out there with lower prices points, I'm not going to preach the "wonders" of this specific brand, rather pass along information I've learned from a Beauty Blender brand trainer I work with from time to time.
Facts about this brand's blending tool:
- It's hand cut vs. machine cut and made in the USA
- Made of anti-microbial/antibacterial material vs. refined plastics
- It's not intended to replace your other makeup tools
- The container can be saved as a storage container after it's been cleaned and dried completely. It shrinks back to its original size!
Why should you try it? It's designed to help create a "airbrushed" complexion effortlessly by blending and perfecting your foundation, concealer, self-tanner, etc...
How to use it? ALWAYS DAMP. Fill it with water until it doubles in size, then squeeze it out completely. It should feel "barely damp" and light weight. Then, pounce, press. or roll over the skin to smooth out any streaks, buildup, or other unsightly makeup "mistakes" or application.
Tip: This tool should be replaced every 3 months, so make sure you're gentle with it and be sure to clean it properly with the right products! Harsh body washes and soaps are not ideal for this tool as it breaks down the material and leaves it ineffective and dry. I recommend using a gentle makeup brush shampoo, preferable their brand to keep it in its best condition. If you abuse it, then expect to replace it more often.
Tool: Sephora Collection Doubletap Brush Set
What is it? Double-ended, synthetic hair makeup brushes from Sephora Collection's Holiday 2017 sets.
Why should you try it? Whether you're just starting your makeup wearing journey or a seasoned pro, this is a great deal!
*Disclaimer #2: I don't usually advocate for brush sets because I've found the quality to be somewhat lack luster in comparison to purchasing them as singles, but this set is the first to change my a LONG time!
- You get a full set of high quality brushes for the cost of 1 from the #1 ranked makeup brush retailer worldwide! (Foundation/Powder, Highlight/Contour/Blush/Bronze, Brow, Concealer (apply/blend), Eyeshadow/lid and crease)
- These brushes can multitask and deliver results quickly and easily *Skillset and experience not included.
- There's a carrying case that makes them easy to store and travel with
- The handle is weighted and the brush fibers are very soft, yet durable
- Easy to clean
- With proper care and maintenance, this set could last you up to 10 years!

Tip: This is a limited edition set and won't be available forever, so if you want one, get it while the getting is good! *Link at the end of the article!

And finally...

I "dub" them...The "tried and true"

Tools: Your fingers/hands!

YES! You can totally use your fingers and hands as tools to apply, blend, smooth out your makeup for a flawless finish. Although brushes and other tools work best for certain tasks, nothing beats the warmth of your own touch to melt your products to perfection.


- Always use clean hands when touching your face to reduce the chances of causing breakouts.

- Your ring finger is best when applying to/warming products to the eye area. Weakest finger =most gentle touch.

- Use palms of hands to warm up skincare products (serums, essence, oils, moisturizer, primers), then gently press into the skin vs. rubbing for best product absorption without tugging and pulling the skin.

Now, it's time to SHOP! Curious about where to find these great recommendations? No worries! I got you! Just click the links to get more product information and take advantage of the deals! Then, drop me a line or two and let me know what you tried!

Got makeup/skincare questions? Shoot me an email at! I'm here to help!

If you've found the information in this post useful or helpful, please like, share, and/or leave me a comment! Your feedback is very appreciated.



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