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Keep It to Yourself: 3 Tips for Stay Put Makeup

Every makeup wearer wants two main things: to find the right colors to compliment their skin tone and long-lasting results. Another concern is finding transfer proof products. Folks are just tired of their makeup rubbing off and getting on everything!

I wish I could tell you that there's some secret formula of foundation that covers everything up, doesn't move or budge, is hug and kiss proof, and never wears off until you take it off...without incident!

Although there are many claims out there from makeup companies suggesting their products can deliver all of these wonderful results, there's still a deficit in being able to prove it...(well, completely). People's mascaras are still running, foundation is still getting on folks' clothes, and people are still having to touch up throughout the day and fix product separation. So, what can you do about it?

Well, here's the deal: You can achieve longwearing results if you invest in and practice a proper skincare regime and use products that are formulated to last (ex: longwear or waterproof).

You can make any makeup look last all day if you can achieve those two things; however, if you're looking to attain "transfer proof" foundation, then you may as well not wear any.

Foundations can and will transfer in some way...mainly because it's artificial "skin". It's meant to come off. Some formulas are simply less transferable than others. Some people have been able to figure it out for their skin while others still struggle. I've learned along the way that those who find success in longwearing makeup have a few practices and products that others have yet to learn and acquire. If you want to keep your makeup to yourself, then here are 3 ways to do it:

1. Practice a bomb skincare routine.

I cannot emphasize the importance of this crucial step enough! 3 reasons why makeup doesn't wear as long for many are:

- A proper skincare routine doesn't exist in the everyday beauty practices, whether makeup is worn or not.

- The wrong kinds of products are being used for the face that are best suited for the body.

- The skin is lacking hydration (not moisture) and is very parched/dehydrated.

Don't send your skin mixed signals by using foundation/concealer/primer to address skin related issues. Your skin will try to "nourish" itself by absorbing the first thing applied to it in effort to get what it's asking for. Discover more about this pointer from my blog post, "Complexion Perfection" here.

2. Go for the products that are best suited for your skin type.

Not sure what your skin type is? Ask a pro! A cosmetic dermatologist or medical esthetician are great professionals to best determine your skin type. Then, based on that information, you'll be able to know what kinds of products to shop for.


- Dry skin: hydrating/moisturizing, richer/creamier/more emollient formulas

- Combo/Oily skin: Oil-free, mattifying

- Sensitive skin: Products free of known inflammatory ingredients such as talc, fragrance, some parabens (preservatives), mineral oil

*I recommend having a topical allergy test done to determine what kind of ingredients your skin is sensitive/reactive to in cosmetics.

3. Keep your hands off yourself. I know...I know... you're feeling pretty magical these days and just can't help yourself, but seriously, stop touching your face so much!

So, let me ask you a few more questions:

- How often does your hands make contact with your face?

- Do you put your phone directly to your face instead of using a Bluetooth, speaker, or earphones?

- Do you have a habit of palming your cheek when you're bored or rubbing your forehead throughout the day?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then those habits are a part of the reason why you're not experiencing a makeup application that lasts all day. You're doing too much. Foundation rubs off and there's not much you can do about it except altering some practices/habits and experimenting with a few products designed to address your needs.

It takes a collective effort from multiple avenues to get the long lasting results you want. The first place to check is with yourself. Be in tune with your wants...don't worry about what everybody else is doing. They don't live in your skin. You do.

First: You have to know what you want.

- What do you want the products to be able to do for you?

Next, will always be about the skincare routine (products and practices). After all, the concerns you have will almost always be derived from or related to a skin issue. (example/concern: "My makeup doesn't last all day."; real issue: dehydrated skin or improper "moisturizer")

- Are you using the best products for your skin? Are they formulated to address your concerns and meet your needs? Are you being consistent with use, whether you're wearing makeup or not?

Then, you should practice priming your skin after you've prepped with skincare and before any color cosmetics are applied. Follow up with setting your makeup with products formulated to set (if necessary).

Most makeup wearers are familiar with these kinds of products and tips, but newbies to the color side of cosmetics may be unaware.

*Primers help to smooth the complexion after skincare to create a longer wearing makeup application. Its purpose is to fill in visible pores/texture, fine lines, and a barrier between the skincare and foundation product. When choosing a primer, make sure its best suited for your skin type, concerns, and needs for the best results.

- What are your current products formulated to do for your skin? (example: If you're using powder to set your makeup, is it pressed or loose? Is it a powder foundation, setting powder, or finishing powder?)

- What tool(s) are you using to set your makeup with?

- What is your application technique? Are you using too little or too much product?

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I'm not going to leave y'all hanging on product recommendations! Here's a couple of links to check out for some of the products I will be demoing and sharing tips on my next YouTube live stream:

Top selling setting powder on the market and cult favorite (for most skin tones):

(for richer skin tones):

(other favorites):

Let me know what your favorite "stay-put" products/brand are in the comment section. Are you looking to try any of my recommendations? Let me know that, too!

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