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3 Makeup Time Saving Tips for Women on the Move

I don't know anyone who doesn't value their own time...or so they say... Putting on makeup 5-7 days a week (or as desired) is yet another time consuming activity that most wearers would like to spend less of it doing.

In store, everything we did was on a timed schedule because we had to keep the business running on the back-end. That meant appointments needed to be completed about 10 minutes before their designated end.

For example, if someone had an hour long makeover session, the artist technically had approximately:

- 10-15 minutes for assessing/consulting 5 minutes for product selection

- 5 minutes for skin prep

- 25 minutes for makeup application

- 10 minutes remaining for cleanup

If there were any "changes of the mind" taking place... or excessive talking going on (#guilty), then you'd better believe timing became an issue. At home, it can be just as challenging, especially if the person isn't aware of the the following considerations:

- Their working environment.

- Planning the look in advance.

- Organizational practices.

These are just a few of the things that contribute to better time management. We've all been there in some area or another; so, it's important to know which areas you can save time on. Check these out and let me know what you think:


Create an environment that allows you to work in peace.

If you have too much going on at one time, it's going to be difficult to focus. I've experienced this a lot as a working mother, who lived off (what felt like) seconds to get myself and son together for the day.

The younger he was, the more difficult; so what I used to do was designate 2 hours to our "get ready" routine. I'd get my son up and ready first, and then myself, while he was occupied eating breakfast and watching cartoons.

This habit allowed me to work on my skincare/makeup application with minimal to no interruptions. Thus, taking pressure off my mind so I could focus on my look.


Plan your look ahead of time.

As they say, time is money...and there's much truth to it. One of the habits that helps save time is becoming a more aware planner. Think of it as "laying your outfit for the next day"...even if it's mentally.

Already knowing how you want to "look tomorrow" comes in handy by eliminating too many options in your head.

The more time you spend thinking about what look you want to wear, the longer it will take you to start your application; so, cut out that mental step by choosing your look in advance.


Keep your kit organized.

I can't emphasize enough how important this step is. We all have our favorite products to use in every application; so, it only makes sense to keep your favorites within reach.

One of the practices I like to do is pull all products and tools (that I want to use), and then "lay them out" in my makeup space.

Pulling products in advance means that you won't have to look for anything when you need it, which will save you time.

One of the worse feelings in the world is when you go to use your favorite eyeliner pen (that makes the perfect wing) and it's dried out or skipping while you're pressed for time. Replacing old, emptying tools and products in advance through de-cluttering practices helps with time saving, too.


Neci D.

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As always, remember to:

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-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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