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3 Strategies for Smart Cosmetics Shopping

Shop smarter, not "harder"...

Listen...cosmetics are not a "cheap" part of your beauty routine. Did you know the average "full face of makeup" contains about 25-30 items? That doesn't include the extras like glitters, false lashes, and hi-tech tools, for example. It also means that you're looking at spending approximately $500-$600 on skincare and makeup, if you are absolutely starting from scratch! So, how can you get what you want without feeling like you're going broke to "be beautiful"?

I have 3 suggestions for you:


Develop "smart" buying habits. If you already know what you have (and it works for you/meets your needs), then you won't have too many gaps to fill in with products.

Let's use the skincare portion of your routine as an example.

Scenario: You see a "new-to-you" skincare ad promoting new products and you're really interested in trying them.

Dilemma: You have a collection of skincare products already collecting dust in your bathroom that you haven't opened yet.

Certainly, you can go straight to the "buy" button and get a new "toy" for your medicine cabinet; or, you can make an assessment to see if it's truly an item you need.

Here's what you can do:

- Get an understanding of this shiny, new product to determine if what it says it does for your skin is meeting your true skincare concerns.

(Ex: the product advertised is made to exfoliate dead skin cells to provide a healthy glow; but, you have 2 or 3 exfoliating products in the bathroom...1 that you're almost out of and 2 you haven't opened yet.)

The wise option is to use what you already have available (especially, if you like the product), then give the other two products a fair chance by using what you already have available. You already spent that money; so, why jump straight into another investment in the "same" kind of item when you haven't tried what you own already?

If you're really excited about what that brand appears to offer, then you can put that new exfoliator on your "Wish List" and buy something else from the line that you may really need to replace, like a face wash, serum, or moisturizer.

Chances are, if those items meet your liking, then odds are more favorable that you'll also like the exfoliator...when the time comes that you truly need it. A bonus would be the company offering a sample of it as well when you purchase the other necessities.


Plan your purchases. Are you on your favorite beauty brand's email lists? If you aren't, you should be.

The reason why is because brands love to shower their email clients with all sorts of goodies and special promotions...especially around major and lesser known holidays, like Labor Day (major) and National Lipstick Day (minor).

Knowing which holidays are coming can be helpful in keeping up with sales; but, quite honestly, when people feel like their days are running together, it can be a challenge to remember "what brand is doing what". Being on "the list" is a way to reduce any chances that you'll miss out on an opportunity to save money.

So, if you know Christmas is coming, instead of waiting until Black Friday or the last week before the holiday, be ready to get your deals before hand. Many of your favorite beauty companies actually offer their best promotions in late October/early November. Trust me...I've worked in retail cosmetics for almost a decade...every season... I know this.


Be patient and save up. As I mentioned earlier, the average full beauty routine (as it relates to cosmetics) is about $500-$600. Of course it can fall below or above this estimation.

Just ask any person who applies a minimal 3-5 step skincare prep (cleanse/tone/treatment/hydration/protection), followed by a minimal 15 item makeup much money did they spend on each item and see what the answer is.

This doesn't mean that these funds were spent all at one time. It's usually broken up over the course of a year or more. (I cover this topic in my upcoming beauty book, Before You Take Up Makeup, coming as an email offer near you).

Because it's a reality that the average price points are about $20/item (not including S&H for online purchases, if there's no "free" shipping offered), your beauty routine can cost a "pretty" penny.

So, what can you do about it?

- Focus on "filling in" only where it's needed.

- Join the email lists of your favorite brands/companies to get special offers.

- Know how much you want to spend on your items and only purchase where/when the offers fall within that budget.


Neci D.

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As always, remember to:

-Know yourself

-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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