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3 Pro-Tips for the Best Product Match-Making

As with any new relationship, compatibility with your cosmetics is the key to happiness and longevity with them. Of course, there will be some trials and challenges; but, when you find "the right ones"...ain't no feeling like it! It does take a little romancing and effort to get to the place of bliss; but, getting what you want isn't as hard as it seems.

Consider your wants and needs for your routine by asking yourself these few important questions about:


Allergens. It's important to know if your skin reacts negatively to certain kinds of ingredients that are commonly found in skincare, bath/body, and makeup products. Not having a true knowledge of what those ingredients are, can cause you to have negative experiences with your cosmetics.

You might breakout in a rash, your skin may burn or blister, or you may end up in the hospital, for examples, as a result of being unaware of what is in your products and how they affect your skin.

Ask yourself: "Am I allergic/sensitive to certain ingredients? (If so) What are they?"

If you suspect that you have sensitive skin, or prone to struggle with products that always seem to irritate your skin, then...

Here's what you can do about it:

- Have a topical allergy test done, if available, by a cosmetic dermatologist.

Clients (whose had these types of tests conducted) were able to come into store with shopping lists (issued by their doctors) of what ingredients they needed to avoid.

It also made their in-store shopping experience easier and more productive for both themselves and the beauty consultants. To find out if this type of skin test is available in your area, you will have to inquire with the licensed professionals in your respective area.


Formula. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, the last kind of formula you need are those that are fully "mattifying". Products that are matte [(pronounced: (mat)], are developed to absorb excess moisture from the skin.

If you want to prevent "cake face", then understanding which formulas will help you prevent it is key. This is just one of many examples pertaining to product compatibility.

Ask yourself: "Is this the right formula for me?"

If you aren't sure that you are choosing the right types of product formulas for your needs, then...

Here's what you can do about it:

- Consult with a beauty expert, like a licensed esthetician, beauty advisor/makeup artist for advice. They are trained experts (respectively), that can help iron out any confusion about your skin and which products can best work with it.

I discuss this more in-depth in my upcoming beauty book, Before You Take Up Makeup, available for purchase soon! Make sure you are on our email list for updates for its release and other special offers.


Budget. You're going to hear this conversation from me a lot around here...because it is more important to your beauty routine than what you may realize.

Money, (in all aspects of spending it), can be a "touchy" subject for some people; but, it needs to be addressed, including as it pertains to beauty purchases.

What makes budgeting a "compatibility concern", is about making sure you aren't "going broke" to "feel beautiful".

After all, what benefit are you truly receiving by spending funds you don't honestly have (yet...) on products that may or may not be your best item match???

Ask yourself: "How much can I honestly afford to spend on this/these cosmetic(s)?"

...Even if it is "formula compatible", if you are sacrificing other life essentials to have "a certain brand name" or "hot item to stunt on social media with" (for the sake of "bossing" or "fitting in"), then wouldn't it be a more reasonable idea to find products that can both perform and fit within a more budget-friendly price range???

If you are someone who faces this challenge and would like to gain better control over your cosmetics spending habits, then...

Here's what you can do about it:

- Check out my blog post,

"3 Strategies for Smart Cosmetics Shopping" by clicking the highlighted link.

For added clarity, "affordable" (by my interpretation) isn't a "specific number". It's a "reasonable" number that is determined by calculating the cost of "life-sustaining needs" vs. "what is left over after the bills are paid". That figure is a different amount of money for every person.

Need help creating your cosmetics shopping budget and strategy?

New, personalized services are coming soon to this site! Make sure you're on the list so you can the among the first to know when they go live!


Neci D.

If you've found this information useful or helpful in any way, then do us a favor and share it with the beauty lovers in your life. We'd surely appreciate the love.

As always, remember to:

-Know yourself

-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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