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3 Alkali-loving Plants that Feed the Soul

Listen...I'm from Louisiana, where cooking is treated like a rite of passage. Ain't too many people I know who can't do it... As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone from home who lack some kind of cooking skills. Food isn't just about throwing a few items together and dropping it on a plate. It's a cultural experience, too. The Creole cuisines of New Orleans, Cajun delicacies of the Acadianas, and "Deep South" deliciousness (of all southern states) were created through the struggle of survival. Throw in some "good old-fashioned LOVE of family"...and it's ALL in there. It taught me how to take care of others through cooking and expressing my love for them in that way. Although I only do it for a "select few", I put my heart and soul into the efforts and translate it into each dish. When I say I can't get enough... Chile, I mentally bless my food ALL throughout my eating experience! It is SO DELICIOUS to ME! ...I just LOVE food sooooo much. Don't let the "smooth taste fool ya", OK??? With that said, I had to come to a place of recognizing what my beloved food choices were doing for me. My taste buds loved my choices, but did my body??? When you're used to eating a certain way, nostalgia can keep you stuck in some areas. If you're small-framed, like myself, you can easily be fooled into thinking that reckless eating won't affect your health because of your size. Heart disease, digestive problems, and other health issues doesn't care about that. Your body wants to be able to process what it can easily recognize and use for your benefit. So, now, I'm learning how to figure it out by learning more about food, ingredients, herbs, effort to take better care of myself and improve my quality of life. What's the point of pursuing longevity, if it'll be a miserable existence? When I want to jump-start my digestion by protecting my stomach lining to prevent cramping associated with eating too many acidic foods, I use the HB Naturals "Superfood" powder, Soul. It contains 24 organic plants in both powder and extracts. Its spiced, herbal essence gives it a "turmeric on steroids"-kind of benefit.

Its top 3 ingredients are key to its capabilities. Check 'em out:


Turmeric. (formulation used in featured product: powder)

When your stomach is "acting jacked up", it's more likely due to inflammation taking place.

That "my stomach feels like it's on fire" feeling is a sign of it. Turmeric helps "extinguish the flames" within.

If you haven't tried this root yet, give it a try the next time you're experiencing some indigestion (caused by eating too many acidic foods), like tomato-based dishes.


Wheatgrass. (formulation used in featured product: powder)

When you feel like your body isn't eliminating "last night's meal" fast enough, it's likened to a heavy burden you're literally "carrying around" until things completely "pass through".

Wheatgrass helps to rid harmful toxins from the liver that can cause much damage, if left properly attended to.

Some people love to juice with it; but, if juicing isn't "for you", then taking in other ways, like with Soul, can serve as another way to get your nutrients.


Phyllanthus Niruri (seed). (formulation used in featured product: extract)

Got kidney stones, gallstones, stomach ulcers, high blood sugar...gout???

This tropically grown herb was created to help handle that for you. Listed is it's scientific namesake; however, it can be referred to as 6 different names, like Chance Piedra, for example.

If these common health issues are concerning to you, then you may like giving this plant a try.

It can be taken as tea, pills, and/or extracts, like in the Soul powder.

The beautiful thing about learning, is being able to make better choices with multiple options. For me, I love figuring out alternative methods of cooking my beloved faves, by using better quality ingredients and cooking techniques, that will make my food healthier. Of course, there's also quite a bit of elimination of certain dishes as well. That's the part we like to skip...however, if we learn how to include eating into our self-care practices, we will discover new ways to enjoy tradition while living healthier enough to fully experience the joys of life.

Want to look good on the outside and feel great on the inside?

Then take charge of your beauty from the inside/out by supplementing your well-being with foods your body can easily process.

Just a 1/2 tsp of this alkali-producing powder mixed into your daily juice, smoothies, or dishes (where turmeric is added for seasoning) can give your meals the added boost of nutrition your body needs.

Order your 7-serving sample today so you can reap the benefits tomorrow. Just click the pic.

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As always, remember to:

-Know yourself

-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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