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Summer Eyes, Shimmery, "Glo-den" Lips

Summer's coming to a close soon and there are plenty of reasons that I can feel sad about it. It's my favorite season. I love the heat of the sun (when it's not too, too hot), the pollen of Spring is just about gone, and did I mention crab season?? The char-grilled kind is my favorite. Of course, there's fruity cocktails galore; but, as all other events, it has to come to an end to make way for the coolness and crispness of Fall. (*My 3rd favorite season)...

Before I wave goodbye to summer, (until next season), I just wanted to drop it pic. Celebrating the warmth of the sun, I used bright orange and yellow over the tops of my eyes, lined with a classic wing. To showcase the freshness of ripe, summer fruits and veggies, I underlined my lower lash line in vivid green. Add some golden lip gloss to give the mirage of sand...and "wear summer" on your skin.

(Click this image to see some key

products used to create this look and where you can find them.)

If you want to venture into colorful makeup, it can be anything you want it be. Paint the picture out loud. The key to making it look "less clownish" is in how you use the colors and your artistic techniques. Lighten up that hand. You can always saturate the colors in blended layers that serves the purpose of your eye shadow placement.

Do you know what that purpose is?

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I know we really couldn't "see" summer like we may have thought we would, but we could most definitely "be" it. I hope you made the most of yours.

I turned 40 and revamped my business. Celebration coming soon.


Neci D.

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