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3 Ways to Ensure You Are Practicing Clean Beauty Habits

Keeping things clean has to become a habit, not only for your home life and environment; but also for your beauty routine. Most of the clients I have personally worked with had no idea how makeup can be "dirty." This tells me 1 of 2 things:

- No one in beauty talks about this enough or - No one is listening to those who are...

My professional opinion is the latter of the two...because of the common reactions I have personally received during consultations with many clients. As anxious as people are to get "beat," they can be even more resistant to good prep and maintenance practices, which is sometimes why they aren't getting what they want from their applications...which is flawlessness.

The disconnection appears that the resistance comes from "having more steps to do, but if a person is going to take up a hobby, interest, or even new career path, then one would believe that the practice's knowledge is a well-rounded one. I believe in sharing information, so, for those who are not aware, here are some ways you can practice clean beauty habits.


Clean skin.

Your skin is a living, breathing canvas that you can "decorate" with color cosmetics for fun or sheer habits. Hopefully, your skincare routine supports how you maintain and nourish it.

If there's any reason you are not regularly cleaning and hydrating your skin (at minimum), then you will struggle to get the excellent outcome of your makeup products as you deserve.

Make sure you are confirming the cleanliness of your skin before applying makeup.

You can achieve this by using a makeup wipe or micellar/cleansing water before adding moisturizer and then priming your skin for foundation (if wearing). Be careful to not overdo it. Just a "Q-tips head" amount is enough to press into the skin for quicker absorption, which takes about 30-45 seconds in-between steps.

The cleaner your canvas is, the smoother and more natural your complexion products will appear.


Clean tools.

If you want to prevent some post-makeup breakouts, make sure you are using clean brushes every time you apply it.

One of the biggest misses in beauty is the idea that brushes (and other tools) don't carry any bacteria in them from applications.

Every time you dip your tools into eye shadow and apply it directly to your skin, your devices are picking up moisture, oils, any potential bacteria left on the products from previous use...etc... and applying that onto your skin.

If you aren't at least spot cleaning your tools in-between wash days with a sanitizing agent, you set your skin up for breakouts unnecessarily. 70% (min) rubbing alcohol-based products, like Cinema Secrets Instant Brush Cleaner, is a great product that cleans, sanitizes, and quickly dries tools for "same day/immediate service."

The cleaner your brushes and sponges are, the less risk you have to cause your skin unwanted breakouts from "old makeup" on the tools.


Clean products.

Did you know that you can "clean" your makeup items? Did you consider the importance of doing so?

If you weren't aware, no worries. That's what this blog is about. Creating awareness. As mentioned earlier, bacteria can grow on/in cosmetic products, like lipstick, concealers, and even eye shadows.

Yes, formulas make a difference and determine how long the deteriorating process is for items. If the product is made of powder, it is the least likely to grow bacteria than cream and liquid products.

A small, misting spray bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol is sufficient to kill any growth formulas. With powders packaged as loose (like setting powders, blushes, eye shadows, pigments, etc.), spraying isn't necessary; however, using a clean tool is. Removing the top layer of product with a clean, dry paper towel or napkin before use will eliminate any potential bacterial layers with pressed powders.

If you want to keep your cosmetics, "clean" is vital to enjoying your routine. The more you practice "keeping it clean," the more you'll look forward to using your products. It's just a little routine maintenance.


Neci D.

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As always, remember to:

-Know yourself

-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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