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Blushing Beauty: the Blush Binder Product Review

Listen. Unless you live under a rock, you know that @Supa_Cent, the Social Media famous Indie brand owner, The Crayon Case Cosmetics, is always coming out with a new and innovative beauty product for makeup novices, enthusiasts, and aspiring pro beauty Influencers alike.

When she first announced her newest beauty item, The Blush Binder, I knew I had to have it. It was released on August 7, 2020, and like most of her other products, it sold out in seconds! Although I had my hand "on the buy button," on release day, I was just not quick enough to snag one. I made a mental note to myself that I'd just have to wait for another opportunity.

Round 2 came about a couple of weeks later when she announced the restock of this item. I was ready, or so I thought. As soon as I heard my phone chime, I happened to check my notifications and received a link to buy this blush palette. I readily clicked to purchase, and when the site's server completed its download, the words, "Sold Out," appeared across the screen...again. I still cannot figure out how that happened. All I could assume is that I was too slow, once again...

Have you ever heard the phrase "third time's a charm"? I didn't believe it would happen for me, but it did. About two weeks ago, I was "scrolling Facebook" and came across a post in a makeup group that read, "Y'all, there's 50% OFF on the entire Crayon Case website!" Needless to say, the first item that came to my mind was this new blush palette. I didn't think I could pull up the website fast enough!

When I saw the Blush Binder was:

  1. in STOCK

  2. on SALE (50% OFF at that)

I did not hesitate to place one on my cart. Of course, I had to snag Supa's popular lip color, "Marie," while I was at it. I only purchased what I wanted/needed...and most importantly, truly profoundly desired. I feel like I was rewarded with a half-off coupon for my patience in the process.

Now that I finally own my Blush Binder, I have some details about it to share with you. Here are 3 points about the item that stood out to me:


The Packaging. This packaging reminds me of a sturdy, hardcover, "best-seller." It's approximately 9x6.25 inches in size and a full inch thick, so it looks and feels like a small "textbook," PLUS it is a real "page-turner."

Each blush pan is about 2.25x2.25 inches in size, making all 18 shades a full-size, individual blush.

It comes with clear plastic inserts to protect each "page" from damage and confirm product tampering safety.


The Product. This 3-page binder holds 18 unique, classic, and unconventional cheek colors.

If you experiment with blush for the first time or expand your current makeup collection, you will find there is much to explore with your beauty looks.

I have mostly seen artists and makeup enthusiasts mainly use the palette colors as eye shadow. That is one of the ways it is versatile; however, these colors may also be used to further sculpt, refine, or ombré the cheekbones.

This makes the entire palette multi-use, which is ideal for someone looking to save time on their routine with shades that can be used on both eyes and cheeks.


The Payoff. We rate the color payoff for this product 5-Blushes for saturation alone.

Although talc is the main ingredient of the formula, once natural oils come through the skin or misted with setting spray, the talc's "lightness" disappears, and the actual color, tint, or tone reveals itself.

Although there are many similar shades in the palette, once you swatch them, you will see the differences in each. All you need is a plan and a brush to get started designing your makeup look.

Honorable Mentions:

- The Value: You can't beat the value of this palette with a stick. Besides being versatile, it is also a very generous offer made by this company for its customers. If you are looking to receive more value for your dollars, you will surely get that experience this palette.

- The Price Point: This palette sells for $45.99 + S&H. The average indie-prestige makeup brand typically sells their single, full-size blushes for about $30 each. By comparison, that would be a savings of around $500 (USD)! This is if a customer were to purchase 18, full-size blushes from a prestige beauty brand. As stated earlier, this is a very generous offer.

- The Promo: I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these palettes during the company's latest flash sale. I found out about the deal because I've joined several makeup groups on Facebook.

Most potential customers in each group happen to be fans or followers of The Crayon Case's owner, @Supa_Cent (IG). Whenever she feels she wants to, she will drop a sale, and her products will sell out in, literally, minutes! You must be quick on the draw if you are attempting to purchase anything the company has that is new.

It took me 3 times to be successful. I felt like I was playing the lottery. This time, I hit the jackpot when I was able to get this palette at 50% OFF. Once again, it is sold out until further notice. I last checked the company's website on 9/27/20.

If you do not believe that it is crucial to get on your favorite company's email list or become more active in beauty groups, then you will always take the risk of missing out on the best deals.

The holidays (more sales/money-saving opportunities) are coming, so many companies are starting early in their promotions!

We are one of them! That's right. We're gearing up for all things Holiday 2020 and we can't wait to meet your virtual servicing needs.

Make sure you're subscribed to our email list so you don't miss out on any special, upcoming offers. Things are happening fast. Don't let time run out for a chance to save.

In Summary:

I really enjoyed my experience purchasing from this company. Although the flash sale created a temporary product shortage, I still received my order in a timely manner. I enjoyed getting a printed receipt and the transaction was handled professionally.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful, fun, and playful. You may want to keep it out of the reach of children and pets in case they mistake it for a toy or art supplies. You don't want to be one of the unfortunate souls with scrambled, crumbled remains of 18 powdery colors that stain.

Also, if I had to issue any "demerits," about this palette, it has to do with identifying the shades. There are no names, numbers, descriptions, etc that will help anyone understand which colors are which. With several colors being similar, although not the same, and plentiful, having some sort of identity for each is helpful. It would make tagging the shade, specifically, much easier for the end-user. Good luck saying what you are wearing to someone who may ask for details.

Otherwise, I highly recommend this purchase. Here is our Overall Product Rating for this palette:

Click the pic to see the full Product Review Report Card!

Last Honorable mention:

- A Look...

Click the pic for access to the Blush Binder link on The Crayon Case website. Although it is still currently Sold Out, you can get on their email list to be notified about restock. #HappyShopping!

If you've found this information useful or helpful in any way, then do us a favor and share it with the beauty lovers in your life. We'd surely appreciate the love.

As always, remember to:

-Know yourself

-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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