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Tasteful, Classy, Smoky Eyes...

Smoky eye makeup can be classic or colorful when applied. The choice is always yours. In beauty history, women started experimenting with this makeup style to accentuate their eyes during the early 1920s. Women used greasepaint and oils to add sheen to their eyelids to create a reflection. Sometimes they smeared black kohl cosmetics across the mobile lid space instead of colorless "glosses".

With the emerging of what we now know as "Hollywood," actresses paired their dark eye look with a matching deeply hued lip. This application created a "vampy" look, which is still worn today by makeup wearers all over. You may see this inspiration in today's makeup applications, worn more colorfully and executed with various techniques, like "cut creases."

To master some of the more advanced eye makeup techniques, learning the classic smoky eye's fundamentals will always be a great first step. Beginning with deeper colors, like black, is an excellent place to start when you're first learning. It is among the most versatile hues that any person can wear. If black feels too scary, then gray, plum, navy blue, and dark brown colors are terrific alternatives.

When was the last time you tried playing with a classic, smoky eye makeup look? How did it turn out?

If you started practicing the classic, smoky eye to no avail, then I have the perfect opportunity for you to level up your eye makeup game this Friday night!

Join me and "the girls" for another Candied Y.A.M.S. Makeup Artistry "Ladies Night In" Virtual Makeup Party! This event is a "Sip 'n Paint" style, interactive, "watch and repeat" way to gain more insight about this classic beauty technique. The best part is, there's no experience required to play!

Come "Dress Up" ready in your 1920s inspired jewelry, accessories...whatever you'd like (even if it's none of the mentioned) and have your favorite drink handy. We are going to have a good time, socializing, and playing the night away! [click this link to check grab your ticket]

Got friends?

Please invite them to join in the fun, too. For this event, we are offering access at 50% off admission as a way to say THANK YOU for your continued support as we prepare to wrap up the 2020 year!

Could you use an in-home getaway for yourself? Then, get your ticket today! Space is limited.

Use code EARLYACCESS20 at checkout to reserve your set! See you Friday night!

Xoxo Neci D.


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