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Keeping Your Eye Makeup Simple when Masking

We all know how "too much" of something feels or looks. It can be too much sugar or salt in a dish or an overpriced product or service. In any way, we know when we've reached our limits. This idea goes for makeup design as well.

Have you ever seen a beauty look created after a pattern or print in clothing? Images like these are effortless to find online. While extremely creative concepts, sometimes the artistry can be a bit overwhelming for eyes to process. Sensory overload, anyone?

Yes, that is a real thing. While all art is a form of creativity and self-expression, sometimes the artist doesn't consider the entire picture. As a result, you'll see intricate patterns recreated on the face in addition to wearing the inspired print. Most images I've seen as examples show this mainly as eye or lip makeup designs, worn near the original muse.

I get why they do this. It's usually to relate the creation to the idea, which is more than understandable; however, it may be "too much to the trained eye." So, what can you do to display the source of your inspiration and make it "easy" to see, feel, and connect?

Follow the K.I.S.S. method! That's right. Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Bold patterns and prints needn't take up too much "real estate" in tight spaces. If you want to draw the connection between your muse and your artistry, then balancing the "scales of design" will work every time.

When I felt creative about making an eye look to complement the orange-based, African-print face mask seen in this photo, I asked myself a few questions.

  1. What is the dominant color of this design?

  2. What is the complementary color to the dominant one?

  3. How can I make this a statement without overpowering the look?

The answers I found were all located in the "K.I.S.S." method. Using the eye look as an example; my solutions are:

  1. Orange

  2. Blue

  3. Use (1) primary color to create the shape I want, then saturate it with the color I chose.

It was as simple as that. Because I know how I like to shape my eyes with shadow, my layout was easy to follow. I almost always choose to elongate my eyes into a more almond shape using a "winged effect." It works for me nearly every time.

Are you still trying to figure out your best eye makeup design? I highly recommend taking advantage of our Droppin' Jewels Virtual Makeup Experience: the Sapphire.

Through this service, I customize an eye look based on your actual eye shape, color, and desired beauty look. Then, I hold your hands and walk through each step, so you never have to feel unsure about which design works best for you.

Are you still wearing a mask? I highly recommend that you do. Although most makeup wearers are opting out of full-face glamour when having on a face mask, many are still decorating their eyes. This practice offers a sense of "normalcy" to those who don't prefer to opt-out of wearing makeup altogether. Does this sound like you?

How will you rock your mask-inspired eye makeup?

If you've found this information useful or helpful in any way, then do us a favor and share it with the beauty lovers in your life. We'd surely appreciate the love.

As always, remember to:

-Know yourself

-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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