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3 Tips for Getting Your "Wings" Right

Winged eyeliner is one of the most requested eyeliner designs to date. Everyone seems to desire the elongation and "sultriness" of that sharp-tipped, 180-degree scalene triangle. Executed well, it shapes the eye in quite a sexy way.

I get it. It can be challenging to keep a steady hand and line the eye to perfection in one sweep. Using eyeliners of any type requires the use of your fine motor skills to get it right. Here are a few tricks of the trade I'll share with you to help you get your wings.

1. Relax your facial expression. Most people tend to squint their eyes when going to apply eyeliner. When done this way, it creates tension at the lash line. This action causes eyeliner to "skip" across the lid, and when checked, the liner is crooked.

The fix? Use an adjustable mirror or compact mirror to tilt and look down in, so the skin at the lash line flattens (as much as possible). You can pull the mirror as closely as needed to see. You can also adjust your head as necessary, so your view is perfect.

2. Use an eye pencil to create a guide. Eyeliner pencils are lifesavers! Think of them as "colored pencils" for your "eye's canvas." If you struggle with using liquid eyeliner, which is most commonly used to create a strong, winged effect, then pencils will help.

The trick? Use it to sketch an outline across your lash line, then smooth with an angle brush to diffuse the base. This step will help make a guide you can easily follow by showing you where to focus your placement. Once you've completed that step, then you may trace your design with liquid eyeliner.

I suggest using non-waterproof formulas in case you need more than 20 seconds to apply and make corrections.

3. Breathe through the process. We tend to hold our breath when focusing on making our eyeliner as straight as possible. We also aim to create the line in one continuous flick of the wrist. This type of application often leads to a disappointing result. It may also cause too much pressure on the liquid eyeliner.

As a consequence, the product may smear or have a messy look when done. Exhaling through short-stroke techniques helps alleviate excess stress and contributes to the refined look you desire.

Bonus suggestion? Whenever you feel yourself holding your breath, stop drawing the line, and gently release the air. It will help you create a more beautiful line.

Could you use some help with getting your wings, right?

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Neci D.

If you've found this information useful or helpful in any way, then do us a favor and share it with the beauty lovers in your life. We'd surely appreciate the love.

As always, remember to:

-Know yourself

-Love yourself and

-Embrace your own beauty.



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